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ANGL bike is ready to play its part in promoting sustainable urban commute.

ANGL bicycles have been designed with fun and safety for use in the city firmly in mind. More than 2 years were spent on exhaustive survey and extensive experimentation by leading design firm FiF DESIGN Studio, whose team members have had over 20 years of experience in industrial design and over 15 years of daily urban cycling experience.

As urban bikes, ANGL bicycles are designed to be agile yet stable, with small turning radius, easy acceleration, and high speed capability. Prototype tests by city commuters have shown it can reach 50 km/hr while retaining stability and comfort.

The compact rear triangle geometry help ANGL bicycles accelerate quickly and transfer power from the pedal to the rear wheel as efficiently as possible, a key requirement for bicycles intended for use in the urban environment. The wheels size is 26-inch, allowing for wide selection of tires. Current models are equipped with 26"x1.5" tires, capable of overcoming most road obstacles in the city -- most notoriously drain covers and potholes. Disk brakes help ensure effective stopping power is available when needed.

We are confident that ANGL bike is the most suitable bicycle for city - it will turn a city you've known all your life into something else entire different.

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